Two strengths I have around organization are: Checking homework, coming to class in the right time.

Two areas for growth are (What do you need to do better?): Using my agenda, Using more tiny calendar

One goal I have for the next 6 weeks is (How will that goal help you?): Using different types of tools to check homework, schedule,etc. It can help me to be sure of the homework, and the schedules.

Digital Citizenship

1. Don’t share passcodes or passwords with anybody.

2.Be responsible with your IPads when you carry them

3. No using a work that somebody has made unless they give a permission.




I will commit by…

Listening to the teacher’s instructions. Also I will not do personal apps or go to the personal websites. If I had to do something where it needs permission by an adult, I will ask my parents or the teachers. Most importantly I won’t use the iPad unless I need to and not play on it in the middle of the night. I will keep the time. Always.