The One’s Identity by Seungmin

The hidden identity that no one listened to.

When I was 11 years old, I went on a walk to the mountains. Hot, humid, tiredness was along with me, making me want to give up and jump off the mountain right away. Bryson and Stephen is going for a 800 km Appalachian trail trip. As neither of them are prepared, the journey begins.

    One of the central theme in the book A Walk in the Woods is that people should not hide their identity. This book mostly includes Bryson and Stephen recounting their adventure in humorous ways.  They show the human difficulties of interacting with nature through a lot of humor. Bryson and Stephen have conversations of silly ideas, and the book consists much of Bryson poking fun at himself. As stated on page 38, “You don’t have to do this,” he tells himself. “You’re not in the army.” Through his narrative progresses, these humorous conversations help Bryson address his central concern: his identity in the real world. He describes this through relating himself in nature and in the real world which he usually gets ignored and he avoids them. Nature can be represented as both a symbolic landscape itself and the false identity of people. Bryson uses this feature and craft to connect with himself.

    Bill Bryson, the author of this book develops this theme by not only describing about his personal experiences with the wood, but also by providing a variety of historical contexts of the Appalachian Trail. Throughout the book, Bryson shows what he and Stephen learned, both connecting to themselves and the natural world, as they start upon a journey for which neither is truly prepared. This infers to the real society, that they are not prepared for all the situation that they are going to face with. The theme is also shown in this specific part of the book where the offset the comical moments that Bryson reflects on how the woods help him to grow and to see himself in a new light and in the real society.

    The book poses the theme with the character’s actions and dialogues that are shown in the book, and the author’s crafts also help the readers to the point that they can approach to the theme. Bryson uses his crafts that connects the real world and the nature, which include his connection with people’s real identity that it is often getting ignored by the society that they have to follow.

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