Journey to Busan with Seungmin’s family

Journey to Busan with Seungmin’s family
It was the time when everyone had met and enjoyed the time together. Seungmin’s family traveled to Busan to make happy memories together on the 7th and the 8th. They enjoyed their special vacation and they all said they won’t ever forget this trip.

How the journey started

It was a special plan that Seungmin’s family would meet at Busan. Twenty people agreed for the trip and everyone started packing up on the night before. Seungmin, one of the family members said, “I can’t wait to go this trip” which was a surprise because she didn’t want to go at first. All of the family members left their house for the meeting that they were excited for.

What they did

Seungmin’s family celebrated Sunghyeon’s(cousin) graduating high school and the admission for his college. It was also Seungmin’s grandmother’s birthday it was celebrated for. They had visited one of the famous restaurant, ‘The Party’ to celebrate. They walked along the beaches and visited mountains. The famous temple, Younggugsa was also visited by the family.

Picture taken by Seungmin Lee from the high mountains. It surely looks like a picture drawn by Picasso!

The color of blue emerald sea with the Yonggungsa the temple.

Time to say good bye

As it felt like time wasn’t going, Seungmin’s family had to break up. It was the last meeting together on 2016. Still, the last meal together was a happy atmosphere. They didn’t stop laughing and giggling while going back. They are a true family and is loved by each other everyday. They all say that it was a very memorable journey and would like to make this happen again.

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