Fantasy Sneak Peek

“If you find the mirror for us, we will tell you the way of going back to your world again.” “Waeington D.D.”said Chorle.
I said, “Um… You mean Washington D.C?”.
“Yeah, whatever it’s called.” said Chorle as her cheeks got red.
“But, be aware of those black people who is looking for the mirror too.” hissed Chorle.
“Here are some weapons for you that you might use.” said Chorle.
“A shiny watch, a map and a wooden sword? I mean the sword and the map is ok, but a watch?!” I exclaimed.
“Oh, come on! You are our heroine, you can do it! At least we gave you a sword!” shouted Kakac.
“But…but…, Oh Fine!” I said as I packed my bag.
“Thank you.”said Chorle and Kakac together.


I walked through the the giant gate, passed the dust mountain. To tell you the dust mountain was made by the little kids who were playing in the playground. I saw kids, villagers, and many other people. They looked unhappy, which makes me think of the G.M. Flippy was sleeping in my big bag, that had the shiny watch and the wooden sword. I didn’t wanted to make people think that I am a bad person, so I kept the sword in the bag. Some people that I met, produced me some stuff. They gave me a slice of cheese that’s wrapped, a cake and 17 candies for Flippy.
                                                       * * *
“Well, well, well.”said someone.
“Who is this?” said the man with full of excitements.
I thought it was the black people who were looking for the G.M.
“It’s me! Gury!” shouted Mr.Gury.
“I have something to give you. I heard that you are going to find our G.M back. I’m proud of you! Here are some things you can hold onto.”said Mr.Gury as he handed me some batteries, flashlights and foods.
I said thanks to him of course, but instinctively, I would not say thanks. The batteries were dusty, I hope it will works good enough.”Time to go Mr! Bye!” I shouted.”Baa Baa” said Flippy playing in his soft dreams.

     I chose this 2 paragraphs for the golden paragraph, because I think it’s one of the most interesting part. Also, I used a lot of quotation marks, and commas. I had all of my punctuations ready to go when I was typing these parts. These paragraphs took me the longest time to think and finish. One of the part above has 3 stars, and I think that’s important.

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